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Free Memory Screening

There are many reasons why older adults may experience memory changes. However, memory difficulties such as forgetting recent events or the content of recent conversations are not part of normal aging, and may represent the early signs of a disease. Why worry about what these changes could mean when you can take a short paper and pencil screening test, at no cost?

Free memory screen informationThe Roskamp Institute Clinic provides complimentary memory screening to adults age 55 and older. The process involves completing a questionnaire (which can be mailed to your home prior to your appointment), followed by a short test of your memory conducted at our office. The test results are reviewed by a specialist and a letter is sent within two weeks indicating if a further evaluation is recommended.

Memory screening is an effective method to provide reassurance for those without serious memory changes, and for early detection in individuals who may be in the early stages of a dementia. Current treatment works best when provided early and affords patients and their loved ones appropriate time to plan for future needs.

The Roskamp Institute Clinic is also happy to provide memory screening information at local health fairs, senior centers, or other community events. Memory screening can also be provided on location.

For more information, contact:

Roskamp Institute Clinic
2040 Whitfield Avenue
Sarasota, FL 34243

Phone: 941-256-8018
Fax: 941-756-3681

Email: jgirard@rfdn.org

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"There are many causes of memory loss. Identifying the underlying cause is critical for appropriate patient care. To do that you need a consensus diagnosis from experts in diverse fields." - Dr. Michael Mullan